Top 10 Edmonton Oilers Memes for Fans, Players and Haters

The Edmonton Oilers had such a bad start to the season that they ended up firing their head coach. But it’s been good since and at the time of writing they won 12 games straight, setting a new record for the franchise. This crazy streak has set off a ton of memes that went viral all over social media.

Everyone’s sharing them – fans, players, and even the haters who usually cheer for other teams, like the Calgary Flames and Toronto Maple Leafs fans.

We’ve put together 10 of the most popular Oilers memes found on social media. From mocking the team’s start of the season to cheering their wins for the fans. It’s been quite a season for the Oilers, and these memes really show the emotional rollercoaster ride it’s been!

1. Flames Lost, Oilers Won

Oilers fans vs Calgary flames fans meme

Number 1 on the list is this meme posted to Alberta Memes on Facebook after the Calgary Flames lost 4-3 to the Toronto Maple Leafs on January 18, 2024. The same day the Oilers got their 12th straight win. Flames fans are looking sympathy after the loss but the Oilers fans don’t care it seems in this meme.

2. oilers fans 12 straight wins meme

Another meme posted to Alberta Memes on Facebook is this Oilers fans meme, this guy looking proud and happy that his team won. He’s wearing his Pit Viper sunglasses and incredibly proud of being a Edmonton Oilers fan.

3. Oilers With 11 Wins In A Row

oilers win 11 games meme

When the Edmonton Oilers won their 11th game in a row against the Toronto Maple Leafs on January 16, 2024, this meme was posted on Oilers Meme Facebook page. The meme features a Maple Leafs player wearing number 11 with the caption “This is how wins in a row the Oilers have”. The meme must have been devastating for Leafs fans in Alberta.

4. Oilers Goaltending Level

goal tending oilers meme

The Edmonton Oilers needed to have most of their players in front of the goal to prevent the puck from going in. Via Pinterest.

5. Why Can’t We Get Players To Edmonton?

Top 10 Edmonton Oilers Memes for Fans, Players and Haters

This is an old meme from 2014 posted on Twitter when players kept throwing stuff on the ice. Oilers fans be like “Why can’t we get players to play in Edmonton?”

6. Let’s Turn This Season Around!

Top 10 Edmonton Oilers Memes for Fans, Players and Haters

This is another old meme, from way back in 2008 when they hired another new head coach, maybe this was the turning point for Oilers back then, Mr. Bean.

7. Oilers Trash?

oilers are trash meme

This Oilers meme is from the haters, or a disgruntle and disappointed fan, made probably right after they lost a game with the meme templated called “They’re the same picture” featuring a man holding two signs, one saying Trash and the other Edmonton Oilers, as if the Oilers are trash.

8. These Turnovers Are Terrible

oilers funny meme

What happens when you have too many turnovers in a game? Chef Ramsey will tell you to get the f$$k out! Another funny Oilers meme after they lost a game by Oilers Memes on Facebook.

9. What Was That Ref?

referee meme

How can we not include refs in this list, this meme is from Clutch Points after the Oilers lost a playoff game thanks to after controversial penalty call on the Oilers.

10. It’s The Oilers, No Goal!

Top 10 Edmonton Oilers Memes for Fans, Players and Haters

Another meme from shady refs eh? Let’s just stand here and look like we’re talking, it’s the Oilers and it’s going to be no goal.

That wraps up our list of Oilers memes for now, the team has a strong fanbase and we will continue to look out for viral Oilers meme as they come.

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