Meme Submission Rules

Meme Submission Guidelines

Welcome to We are thrilled to showcase your creative talent. To ensure a smooth submission process and maintain the quality of our content, please follow these rules to the best of your ability.

Content Standards and Quality

  • Appropriate Content: Submissions must exclude illegal imagery, including spam, explicit adult content, and personal photographs without consent.
  • Image Formatting: Please ensure your memes are properly cropped to eliminate unnecessary blank spaces, maintaining a professional aesthetic.

Source Attribution

  • Sourcing Memes: If your meme is not original content, or you didn’t create it, include a source link in the provided field. Ethical crediting is essential in our community.

Email Notifications: Engagement and Updates

  • Submission Acknowledgment: You will receive an email confirmation upon successful submission of your meme.
  • Publication Notification: An email will notify you when your meme is published on
  • Rejection Notice: If your meme does not meet our standards of these rules, and is not selected for publication, you will be informed via email.

Moderation and Editorial Rights

  • Editorial Adjustments: Our editorial team reserves the right to modify the headline and description of your meme for clarity and cohesion.
  • Branding:’s watermark will be added to your meme for brand consistency.
  • Social Media Distribution: Selected memes may be shared on our Facebook and X (Twitter) accounts.
  • Publication Under User Submitted Posts: Approved memes will be published under the ‘User Submitted Posts’ author account name on

Social Media Recognition

  • Fan Contributions: Memes featured on social media will be captioned as “Sent in by fan” to acknowledge community contributions. If you need more credit on Social media please contact us.

Please be aware that our moderators reserve the right to accept, modify, or reject submissions at their discretion. The intention is to curate content that aligns with these rules.

We appreciate your interest in contributing to and look forward to your submissions. Let’s make a beacon of quality humor and creativity! Ready to submit your meme? Go here.